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Hello world!

admin | January 29 - 2017

In this article I’m going to explain how I turned $7 into over $100,000 in the IM / MMO space.

There is a bit of a story on how I was able to do this however before I get into all of that I want to make something clear. While the way I did this is actually something that anyone can do, the harsh truth is that most people will not do it because it is time consuming, it takes work, and forward thinking. The tactic I’m about to talk about here is not a get rich quick scheme by any means. Ok with that being said, lets jump right into it.

First off, you may or may not know it, but I actually run one of the most popular IM groups in Facebook with over 11,700 members. While this is not the largest group in the space I say its one of the most popular because it is a group with a lot of interaction, with good members who participate, and its not a group full of spam and nonsense like most others in this space.

The thing is prior to the end of 2015 I did not even have a group at all. I had never even thought of starting a Facebook group. But something that happened totally changed my thinking.

By the way, I know what your thinking at this point. Your thinking that I made $100k from my group. Well that’s kind of true, in fact I make quite a bit of money from my group, but making money from groups is not what Im going to teach you here.

Ok so on with the story, as I was saying, something happened which totally change my thought on groups. So what was it? Well I bought a training course that promised to teach people how to do marketing with Facebook groups. The cost of that course was , yep you guessed it, $7. I bought this course because I was considering promoting it and was having a hard time getting in contact with the vendor for a free review access. As always I needed to actually go through the course before I can promote it and since I could not get a response from the vendor and it was only $7 I decided to just pick it up myself.

Now I ended up not promoting it simply because I did not like the fact that I could not get a response from him, however in the process of going through the course I realized that it was actually a pretty good course that had things that made a lot of sense. As an established marketer I understood that I was not going to get super awesome results right away, I understood that it would take time, but I was willing to put in the work to build a Facebook group by following the things that I learned in that $7 training. Sure along the way I adjusted things and did them kind of my own way as I got experience in running a group myself but without a doubt the foundation and what got me started was that $7 training course that I bought.

Ok so as I said, the thing I’m going to teach here is not how to make money with Facebook groups. I’m going to teach you how I turned $7 into over $100,000. While my group has become a fantastic asset in my business what Im talking about when I say that is something totally different.

It all happened down the road when I started thinking about a few things:

1st) I realized that the initial training product I bought for $7 which started me off with Facebook groups only sold 250+ copies. It was a great training, but lots of people never even got to see it. The thing did not get anywhere near the exposure it deserved.

2nd) I realized that I, having took action on the training, had good proof that the initial concepts (and the additional things I learned on the way) work.

3rd) I started thinking about university professors. Their job is to teach people their knowledge. But how did they learn it? Well someone else taught it to them.

The more I thought about these things the more I realized something. It was perfectly acceptable, moral, and in many ways sensible for me to create my own Facebook groups training. Now a lot of customers in this space like to talk about ‘rehashed information’ but the entire idea of that is total bullshit. My high school math teacher was not born knowing math. She went to school to learn it and then taught me what someone else taught her. No one would say my math teacher was screwing me over by teaching me ‘rehashed information’. In fact in most societies we consider teaching and passing useful knowledge on to a new group of people who do not have that knowledge to be a noble thing. So I realized why should it be any different with IM. Why not take something you learned (in my case it was from a $7 training) and pass it on to other people? I knew for a fact it was good information, I was using it myself with great results.

So that’s exactly what I did. I took the knowledge I learned in that initial $7 purchase, combined it with some of my own tactics that I learned by taking action on that initial course and created a Facebook groups training of my own to sell. Also given the results I was seeing I knew that this knowledge was worth a lot more than $7 so I charged $27 for it. To date I have sold over 3800 copies of that training, meaning I generated over $100,000 from it.

While taking action on what I learned in that initial $7 training did help start me off to having a very popular Facebook group it was launching a new training and selling that knowledge to other people who would not have had it otherwise that allowed me to generate over $100,000.

Now Ill be honest I had contacts and experience to launch a product that a lot of people just getting started would not have. However no one will ever get those contacts and experience until they do actually start launching products. That is if someone just sits on their ass crying “I don’t have experience or contacts” they are just guaranteeing they never will get anywhere. Besides even if someone had 1/20th of the success I was just talking about that would mean they turned $7 into $5,000 which is still pretty frigging sweet (and even better they would get lots of buyers to add to their email list).

I have told people over and over that they need to sell a digital product in order to make money online. Over and over I have heard nothing but excuses from people who continue to wonder why they are not getting the success they want. Well when you take into account the case study I just spoke about there really is no excuse at all anymore. Here is a very simple blueprint in fact.

Take any decent training or tutorial you have. It does not have to be a paid one it can be free, though likely many people already have access to good paid training products.
Follow through with what you are taught in that training and get some results of your own. As you get results tweak the process slightly and see if you can get some better results (if you don’t that’s fine, but its just cool to have your own spin in things sometimes)
Create training videos that explain what you did step by step.
Create a membership site for those videos (there are plenty of membership platforms, plugins etc to help you do this)

Now from here you actually have a couple of options.

You can create a sales page, a listing on JVZoo and try to attract your own affiliates. This is something that for sure works, because that’s what I did initially. I launched my own products myself. But I will be totally honest, thats very slow. You will probably have to give out 100% commissions initially and even then your going to have a hard time attracting the more established affiliates.

An alternative approach to is to reach out to some established marketers and ask them to do a launch with / for you. This is actually super common. Most people who follow me know that I create almost all of the products I sell, however I am the exception and not the rule. Many marketers don’t personally create their own products. They launch products other people created (I have even done this myself a couple of times). You can do some leg work and reach out to those well established marketers and ask them to do a JV (joint venture) with you. Sure doing this you will make much less money initially as the marketer you partner with will want a decent share of the profit but it is a very fast track tactic.

Either way though you will have to launch multiple products. But that should not be much of a problem because your launching info products and as you grow in your business you will acquire more knowledge for more products to teach people. Once again, this is not a bad thing, there is nothing wrong with creating products that pass on valuable knowledge to people who do not have it.

One thing I want everyone reading this to understand though and finally accept is that you must be selling something of your own if you want to make money online. I have said it so many times and so many times it seems like people just will not accept it. So many times I hear people saying that they are not getting the results that they want yet they refuse to listen to me telling them over and over how to get it. You must create and sell your own products. Period. I know dozens of people generating 7 figures per year (and am one myself) and I don’t know a single person who is doing well who does not have their own products.

While creating a software or SaaS platform requires a lot of technical experience and skill taking action on training that you can buy (or already have) and then reiterating the information you learned into your own product is something anyone can do. It also has some nice side effects: I ended up having a super popular and respected Facebook group in my niche because I took action on a $7 training course, I then reiterated that information (along with some of my experience from taking action) into my own training course and generated over $100,000. None of that took technical skill, there is no reason anyone as equally motivated as I was could not have done the exact same thing themselves.

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